Musa is a system developed by ASE s.r.l. for the enviromental monitoring of indoor spaces, such as museums, exhibitions or rooms where it is imperative to preserve the integrity of artworks. The system is composed by different measuring points which sends data to a central server for the elaboration.

The measuring points are composed by a little box, with different sensors designed for the enviromental monitoring placed inside. Given the small size of the box, the measuring points can be placed everywhere without being cluttered.

The proposed technology is designed for the near-real-time control of various parameters including illuminance, pressure, humidity, temperature and CO2. Each measuring point can be customized with specific site sensors in order to increase the monitored environmental parameters. The connection between the various measuring points and the data collector (or UMTS router) is wireless.

Once the mainframe server receives a new dataset, it stores it inside a dynamic MySQL database with daily multilevels backup. Raw data are always available for a back-analysis or a re-elaboration with new algorithms. Upon arrival on central server, raw data (electric signals) are automatically elaborated and transformed into physical units. This is done with a proprietary software routine (named Musa). This routine acts by coupling the data with the transformation coefficients obtained during the calibration phase of each sensor. During the data elaboration, the mainframe server analyses the results and, where requested, controls the eventual overcoming of predefined thresholds. Some automated algorithms are applied to control the quality and the variation of the data samples, and a preliminary validation is provided.

Results are available in a few minutes on a web platform with private access. If the customers wish to use their own platform or have a copy of the elaborated data, it is possible to configure an automated FTP transfer that will occur every time a new set of data reaches the elaboration centre. The platform can represent third party sensors outputs.


  • Museums
  • Historical Buildings
  • Archeological sites
  • G802

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