Geo-Atlas is a platform designed for the management, storage, processing and dynamic visualisation of data from the main monitoring systems on the market.

The technology consists of the following components:

  • The Cloud data storage system with backup on a physical server;
  • Software based on deep learning algorithms for processing and pre-validation of monitoring data;
  • The access-controlled web-based platform for data visualisation.


The calculation software automatically processes the monitoring data as soon as they reach the Cloud Server, converting the raw data into physical units (if not already converted previously via the Datalogger). Statistical algorithms process the information, eliminating outliers and accidental errors, performing an initial automatic validation of the site data. At the end of the processing, when pre-set thresholds are exceeded, the warning system is activated. The service includes the sending of emails and SMS, as well as the remote activation of light or sound devices.


The results are displayed on a dynamic web-based platform which, by means of various tools, provides an immediate indication of the possible phenomena taking place on the site. The platform has controlled access 24 hours a day with different levels of authentication and can be consulted from multiple peripherals (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.), according to the principles of IoT. The advantages of this system are represented by its high dynamism, characterised for example by the possibility of choosing certain time intervals, viewing specific data series in detail, comparing results from different instruments and exporting information in the most common formats (image and/or data).

The platform allows any type of analogue or digital sensor on the market to be configured using the appropriate section.

When thresholds defined by the platform are exceeded, the system can automatically send alerts and/or alarms at different levels by email or SMS. Thresholds can relate to a single sensor or a set of instruments, and be based on absolute or differential data. The system also automatically sends an email if an insufficient battery level has been detected or if data is not received.

Main features:

  • Accessible from multiple devices (PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS);
  • Possibility of defining different access profiles (Administrative, Manager, User, Guest, etc.);
  • Automatic data storage, processing, pre-validation and representation process;
  • Automatic identification of spikes or accidental errors using self-learning algorithms;
  • Georeferencing of monitoring tools;
  • Possibility to upload documents (calibration or conformity certificates, project drawings);
  • Display data for a defined monitoring period in dynamic graphs;
  • Automatic alerting based on user-customisable multi-sensor and multi-level thresholds;
  • Ability to send an email/SMS or activate remote light/sound devices when thresholds are exceeded;
  • Highly dynamic and automated;


  • Can be used in geotechnical and structural monitoring
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