The features of the G802 module allow you to connect and manage different types of multiplexers or customised measurement systems. GMUX multiplexers acquire electrical signals from transducers and send them to the G802 management module via RS485 or RADIO. The G802 is designed with low-power technology and, by powering the system via a 12 V battery, an average life of at least one year is guaranteed in the Ultra Low Power configuration. This eliminates the inconvenience caused by 220 Vac mains power. To assist the operator during installation and for better control of the system, it is possible to manually interrogate any single instrument via the G802’s keypad, obtaining the final data on the display.

with Local Channels
  • Pulse pluviometer
  • Alarm triggered instruments
  • Pulse or digital hydro geological instrumentation
  • Pulse or digital meteorological instrumentation
with Multiplexer Channels
  • Vibrating Wire strain gauges
  • Electrical strain gauges
  • Extensimeters
  • Inclinometers and pendulums
  • Piezometers
  • Load Cells
  • Crackmeters
  • Thermistors
  • Hydrological instruments
  • Meteorological instruments


  • Can be used in geotechnical and structural monitoring
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