Viaduct in the South of Italy

 | Name: Viaduct in Southern Italy | Location: South of Italy | Start of the monitoring: July 2017  | End of the monitoring: Ongoing | Client: Reserved |  Responsible for monitoring: Reserved |

In order to guarantee faster connections, the South of Italy has been interested by a series of new infrastructures.

Among the main works under construction, there is a viaduct on a new state road which was subjected to instability phenomena immediately after the realization. A complex monitoring system with innovative technologies has been installed in order to analize and modeling the phenomenon, trying to understand the triggering causes. 

Given the complexity of the instability phenomena that interests the viaduct, a complex MUMS monitoring system has been installed with the aim to monitor the soil deformations, the interstitial pressure and viaduct displacements in near-real time

The site is instrumented with the following tools:

• 4 Vertical Arrays, 35 m long, equipped with 30 Tilt Link HR 3D V;

• 1 Vertical Array, 60 m long, equipped with 20 Tilt Link HR 3D V;

• 2 Vertical Arrays, 70 m long, equipped with 60 Tilt Link HR 3D V;

• 2 Piezo Arrays, 35 m long, equipped with 6 Piezo Link;

• 2 Piezo Arrays, 35 m long, equipped with 7 Piezo Link;

• 1 Piezo Array, 70 m long, equipped with 13 Piezo Link;

• 7 Klino Links (digital clinometers) installed on the viaduct piles;

• 3 Baro Links (digital barometers) installed inside the box of the control units, to monitor the atmospheric pressure and compensate the measures of the absolute piezometers.


Data are collected with 7 Control Units, while the data transmission to the elaboration centre is obtained with UMTS routers. Results are available in a few minutes on a web platform.