Monitoring of Scarpino Landfill - Italy

| Name: Scarpino Landfill | Location: Scarpino (GE) | Start of the monitoring: July 2016  | End of the monitoring: September 2017 | Client: AMIU Genova S.p.a. | Responsible for monitoring: S.G.I S.r.l. |

The landfill of Scarpino (GE) is a leading waste collection centre, which has been closed by authorities during recent years. 

The site is placed in the mountains and presents movements that affect the waste storage, mainly related to their compaction.

In order to monitor in near real-time the slope deformations, a Vertical Array MUMS system was installed in July 2016. A second chain was installed in June 2017. Monitoring came to an end during September 2017.

The site is instrumented with a chain 32 m long, equipped with 57 tilt sensors Tilt Link V (spaced 50 cm) and 7 high resolution multi-parametric tilt sensors Tilt Link HR 3D V. The second chain is 32 m long, equipped with 48 Tilt Link V and 15 Tilt Link HR 3D V.