Therm Array

Therm Array

ASE s.r.l. produces and commercializes innovative instrumentations designed for geotechnical and environmental monitoring. Our systems are fully automated and the data management involves the acquisition, storage and elaboration of data along with their representation through a web based platform.


Therm Array is the tool developed to monitor the soil or rock temperature with high resolution (±0.01°). System is based on MUMS technology and it is customizable according to the points of measure required, frequency of readings, geometry of the site.

Different kind of multi-parameters sensors (Link) equip the Therm Array:

  • Therm Link is a high accuracy thermometer, most appropriate for geothermal application when it is necessary to monitor the temperature at different positions with high precision and resolution. The sensitivity is one hundred times better than the regular thermometer contained in the other Links;
  • Piezo Link is an absolute piezometer sensor, useful to monitor the absolute pore pressure and, when combined with the Baro Link, the water level;
  • Baro Link is an absolute barometer which reads the atmospheric pressure and, together with a Piezo Link, the water level;
  • Analog Link is a node able to convert every kind of traditional instrument with analogic signal into a digital one.


  • Soil and Rock temperature