Mastering Natural

"Develop, recommend and disseminate a new technology for monitoring natural or artificial slopes and geotechnical structures, ...
in order to enhance our understanding of their dynamics, strengthen the theoretical interpretation of their behavior and make their design safer, economical and reliable during construction and beyond."
MUMS is a modular monitoring system for the natural environment, mainly designed for measurement of subsoil displacements induced by gravitational movements. ...
The system is alternative to those currently in use and offers advantages in terms of performance, durability, personnel and economy. MUMS measures the deformations, remotely and automatically, by means of a series of nodes installed in the subsoil, electrically and hydraulically isolated, and connected along a single cable to a surface data logger. Data are processed by a dedicated software and plotted in order to obtain the 3D shape of the whole system. Other types of MUMS nodes are designed to be serially connected to the MUMS System, such as piezometers, precision thermometers, etc. MUMS can also be used to monitor the deformation of various structures, such as piers and diaphragms.
In addition to the production and commercialization of the innovative MUMS instrumentations, ASE offers a variety of services related to the field monitoring and to the geotechnical structures performances. ...
  • Design of integrated monitoring system
  • Installation of monitoring systems, test and data collection
  • Periodical reports of monitoring results and progress
  • Web based, access controlled, data collection and storage (cloud monitoring)
  • Automated data analysis based on statistical approach and threshold definition
  • Automated alert generation and management of critical occurrences
  • Visualization and recovering of data through controlled access web browsers (multiplatform)
  • Numerical modelling of landslide phenomena, back analysis of results supporting crisis management
  • Consulting on stabilization and/or remediation designs and threshold definition for real time monitoring