Shell center, Londra

Monitoring of Shell Centre, London

 | Name: Pile Test, Shell Centre | Location: London (UK) | Start of the monitoring: February 2016  |                     | Client: Getec | Responsible for monitoring: Geosense |

Pile Test was a research project in which traditional and innovative instrumentations were tested and compared. The aim of monitoring was the deformation of a concrete wall after an excavation. Tilt Array monitored the site for one month and, during the day of the excavation, results were compared with values provided by automatic inclinometer and another different kind of automatic inclinometer. This test gave us the possibility to study strengths and weaknesses of our instrumentations, providing interesting indications for the research and development activity.

Site was instrumented with a tilt chain equipped with 52 Tilt Link V nodes, spaced 50 cm and 26 m long. During monitoring, data had been collected by the control unit and sent in real time to the elaboration centre, with a UMTS module.