Rockfall Safety Network

Rockfall Safety Network

ASE s.r.l. produces and commercializes innovative instrumentations designed for geotechnical and environmental monitoring. Our systems are fully automated and the data management involves the acquisition, storage and elaboration of data along with their representation through a web based platform.



RockFall Array is an innovative monitoring system designed to be easily integrated and adaptable to different types of rockfall barriers. ASE801 data logger is the brain of the system and it can manage up to 255 monitoring modules installed on the barriers using a Master radio link device. The radio connection allows the positioning of the control unit in a protected area far from falling rocks. The modules look like a box made of metallic material specifically designed to withstand high-intensity shocks. The modules are easily installed on the steel posts thanks to a magnetic connection system. It is possible to decide the number of monitored steel posts depending on the needs.

Inside the box there is an electronic card powered by a battery and a photovoltaic panel. The electronic card can manage an inclinometer sensor, with the function of measuring the steel posts rotation, and a load cell, located in a strategic position, to measure the forces acting on the upstream ropes.

The system can detect both strong intensity events, identified as a rotation of the steel post and/or a brake sliding, and modest intensity events, recognized by an increase in strength on the upstream ropes. The measures deriving from monitoring activities are an indication of a potential phenomenon, even of modest size, that involves the barrier. Through the daily comparison of the measured values it is possible to understand the trend of the events occurred.

Rockfall Safety Network system is designed with a double function:

  1. Evaluate the barrier working level;
  2. Individuate the location of the rockfall events.

Information derived from more installations allows to develop GIS danger maps at slope scale.


  • Tilt Sensor
  • Load Link
  • RockFall Barriers