Monitoring of Roccamurata Landslide

| Name: Roccamurata | Location: Borgo Val di Taro (PR) | Start of the monitoring: September 2016  |      | Client: Emilia Romagna Region | Responsible for monitoring: Emilia Romagna Region |

Roccamurata is a little town in the province of Parma, 340 m a.s.l. This site has a landslide which insists on some houses, a road and an important railway which connects Emilia Romagna region with Tuscany. The landslide has been reactivated on 2000 and since then a lot of geological and geo-morphological studies were carried out. Tilt Array was installed in 2012 with hourly readings to study and control the movement. 

The chain is 16.75 m long, with 34 nodes spaced 0.5 m. Control unit queries nodes at defined time intervals and saves them into a SD card. In the past data were transmitted with UMTS connection to the elaboration centre. Now a technician manually sends them once a month.