Monitoring of Ponte Motta Levee

| Name: Ponte Motta | Location: Cavezzo (MO) | Start of the monitoring: May 2015  | Client: A.I.P.O |                | Responsible for monitoring: CAE S.p.a. | 

The site is a hamlet of the municipality of Cavezzo, in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy. This area has been affected in the past by levee breaks, occurred in floods with water levels lower than the annual peaks values. This has highlighted the need to study the dynamics that govern such events. For this purpose, a Tilt Array has been installed in the pilot project of Ponte Motta, equipped exclusively with high-resolution sensors. The inclinometer is integrated in the complex system of sensors and radio communication of the area. 

The site is instrumented with a chain 24 m long, equipped with 24 high resolution tilt sensors Tilt Link HR V (spaced 50 cm), a piezometer and a barometer to monitor the water level. Control unit queries nodes at defined time intervals and saves them into a SD card. Data are transmitted with UMTS connection to the elaboration centre, where an automatic software elaborates them. Results are available on a web platform in a few minutes.