Monitoring of Peschiera hydraulic tunnel

| Name: Galleria colletrice sorgenti Peschiera | Location: Cittaducale (RI) | Start of the monitoring: May  2017 |  | Client: Betti S.p.a. | Responsible for monitoring: ACEA S.p.a. | 

The hydraulic tunnel of Peschiera has a key importance supplying water to the city of Rome starting from the water springs of Peschiera, in the province of Rieti A landslide insist on the tunnel and was able to deform different sections of the gallery. The interventions of restoration, extension and consolidation started in May 2017. In order to monitor the behaviour of the rock mass and the evolution of the landslide, both during the construction phase and the consequently exercise phase, the following instrumentation has been installed: 7 CIR-Array for the convergence measure and 7 RAD-Array for the deformations measurement some meters inside of the rock mass. site is instrumented with 7 CIR-Array for the measure of convergence of the rock mass. Each chain is about 22 m long and equipped with 20 Tunnel Link sensors (spaced 1 m, except for the lower part of the section). The site has also 14 RAD-Array, 10 meters long, equipped with 10 Radial Link sensors (spaced 1 m) for the control of the deformations inside the rock mass.
Data are collected by numerous control units which are at different position inside the tunnel.
During the excavation phase, raw data are sent manually to the remote elaboration centre once a day. During the exercise phase, data will be transmitted through fibre optic to the local elaboration centre. Results are available in a few minute on a web/standalone platform in both cases.