Monitoring of Ferrari building

| Name: GeS Ferrari | Location: Maranello (MO) | Start of the monitoring: June 2013  | Client: Ferrari S.p.a. |  Responsible for monitoring I.A.T. |

Maranello site is the construction site of new GeS, “Gestione Sportiva” of Ferrari, where F1 cars are designed, developed and assembled. The building was built in 20 months and has a surface of about 9000 m2, which become 16000 m2 considering green area and internal roads. Tilt Array was installed inside a bulkhead to monitor the deformations during construction phase and the following year. This data were useful to make a comparison with the values predicted in the design.

Chain is 16.5 m long and it is composed by 33 nodes at a distance of 0.5 m. Control unit collected and saved data into an SD card. Once a month data were transmitted to the elaboration centre.