Fondovalle Sangro

Monitoring of Fondovalle Sangro Landslide

| Name: SS652 | Location: Gamberale(CH) | Start of the for monitoring: November 2016 | Client: ANAS S.p.a. | | Responsible for the monitoring: ANAS S.p.a |

SS652 is a national road affected by a landslide, with important restoration and building works. For real-time monitoring of the slope deformations, a MUMS system was installed during November 2016. During the monitoring period, the site has been instrumented with two Vertical Array chains 35 m long. Inclinometers are equipped respectively with 50 and 48 high resolution multi-parametric tilt sensors, Tilt Link HR 3D V, spaced 70 cm.
Control unit queries nodes at defined time intervals and saves them into a SD card. Data are transmitted with UMTS connection to the elaboration centre, where an automatic software elaborates them. Results are available on a web platform in a few minutes.