Mastering Natural Processes

Advanced Slope Engineering Ltd (ASE Ltd) is a Spin Off company of the University of Parma, Italy. ...
The partners, Andrea, Corrado and Luca, recently founded the firm with the goal to develop, build and distribute a new monitoring system named MUMS (Modular Underground Monitoring System). The system is based on innovative micro-technologies, and is a patent pending of ASE Ltd.
This technology is a combination of MEMS and electrolytic sensors, embedded in specifically molded nodes (LINKS) that are connected along an electrical cable to form an arbitrarily long chain. The nodes can be organized in different combinations of distances and types, to adapt the chain to any specific monitoring needs. ...
The components of the MUMS system are several type of nodes (LINKS), which can be connected along a single cable with the distribution and configuration that most accurately fit the monitoring purpose. Each node is considered as a link and several links make the custom made chain, which is delivered directly to the installation site on a practical reel. This technological setting allows for the MUMS to be installed also in boreholes equipped with standard inclinometer pipes that have gone out of order due to excessive deformation.
The Modular Underground Monitoring System (MUMS) approach is developed around a new concept of landslide monitoring, coming from several years of researches carried out at the Dept. Of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture (DICATeA) of the University of Parma. ...
This concept foresees the need to develop an automated system that is accurate, reliable, and durable, although having relatively low installation and maintenance costs. The system provides a continuous monitoring of deformation along the whole length of the MUMS instrument, carried out with predefined and easily modifiable frequency.