Col di Tenda

Monitoring of Col di Tenda 

| Name: Col di Tenda | Location: France | Start of the monitoring: August 2017 | Client: Tre Esse Engineering | Responsible for monitoring: Tre Esse Engineering |

Col di Tenda represents the first installation of a MUMS system in France, made at August 2017. In particular, in this site it is of fundamental importance to monitor the displacements of a road and its proper wall. With the installation of two different Vertical Array, 3 m far to each other, it is possible to control the evolution of the deformative phenomenon which interests the geotechical structure.

The site is instrumented with two chains 15 m long, equipped respectively with 15 high resolution multi-parametric tilt sensors Tilt Link HR 3D V (spaced 100 cm) and a piezometer to monitor the pore pressure. There are also a barometer, to monitor the atmospheric pressure and a thermometer, which monitors the temperature of the proper wall.

 Control unit queries nodes at defined time intervals and saves them into a SD card. Data are transmitted with UMTS connection to the elaboration centre, where an automatic software elaborates them. Results are available on a web platform in a few minutes.