Monitoring of Baveno Landslide

| Name: Baveno | Location: Baveno  | Start of the monitoring: March  2017 | Client: Comune di Baveno| | Responsible for monitoring: Studio GEA |  

The beautiful place of Baveno and Stresa are area with a high landslide risk. The zone has active soil movements, with causes not completely identified. In order to study and modelling the phenomena, define evacuation plan and monitor in real time the deformation of the area, a MUMS system has been installed in March 2017. The site is instrumented with a chain 40 m long, equipped with 30 tilt sensors Tilt Link V (spaced 1 m), 19 high resolution multi-parametric tilt sensors Tilt Link HR 3D V (spaced 50 cm), a piezometer and a barometer to monitor the water level and the atmospheric pressure.

Control unit queries nodes at defined time intervals and saves them into a SD card. Data are transmitted with UMTS connection to the elaboration centre, where an automatic software elaborates them. Results are available on a web platform in a few minutes.